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Corporate Process

Fiscal Year Has Passed

As soon as your fiscal year end has passed, it is time for you to start thinking about getting your corporate taxes (T2) completed.  We will send you an email four weeks after your year-end to remind you.

Bookkeeping Completed

Your bookkeeping should be completed no later than five or six weeks after your year-end so that we can get started on your financial statements, GST, and corporate tax return.

Records Sent in or Dropped Off

We ask that you send us your documents (digitally or in person) as soon as your bookkeeping is completed so that we can start preparing your tax return and saving you money!

We do the work!

Now that we have 100% of your tax information, we will aim to complete your taxes within 1 month.

Year-End Meeting

We will have a virtual meeting with you to take you through your financial statements and taxes and provide you with a tax instalment plan for the next fiscal year.

Final Sign Off and Payment

​We will return your tax documents and tax return to you (either digitally or on paper), obtain your payment and authorization to file and then file your taxes immediately.

Refund or Tax Bill

If you have a refund, you will have it within 2 weeks of CRA assessing your taxes. If you owe tax, you will need to make payment by the appropriate deadline.

Whenever You Have Questions

Questions related to your tax filing at the time of filing are included in your filing fees. Other questions/consultations throughout the year are welcomed anytime (our consulting rate of $350/hr applies).

Whether you need help with your taxes, ensure compliance, sort out your accounting, or see what deductions are available, trust our accounting team to help you save money!

Make the Change

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