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Personal Tax Services

We can ensure that your taxes comply with reporting requirements. Compliance is very important in order to take advantage of government provided programs and to avoid unnecessary interest or penalties imposed by Canada Revenue Agency.


The deadline for individual tax returns is April 30 unless the individual has an unincorporated business, in which case the deadline is June 15. We can do your taxes in time for the deadline so that you get your tax return on time!

Make the Deadline

We can ensure that you take advantage of all the appropriate deductions and tax credits available to you in order to minimize your tax liability while still complying with the Canadian Tax Act.


Tax Filing

Learn about our process for individual clients.

Personal Tax Process

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Personal Tax Prices

Complete the PTC and we’ll start your taxes right away.

Personal Tax Checklist

Tax Planning

Many people think that tax planning is just for corporations, but that isn’t true. As an individual you can plan ahead to minimize tax. You can do this by appropriate use of RRSP’s, TFSA’s and maximizing allowable deductions and credits permitted by the Canadian Tax Act.


We will help you identify these opportunities, minimize your tax exposure, and maximize your after tax cash flow as you look to the future.

Tax Filing

Tax Planning

Get Help with Major Life Events

The key to great tax planning is a big picture perspective. Each significant life event has a tax consideration. A big picture approach considers such events and their tax consequences ahead of time.


New Job

Buying a House


Having a Child






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