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Personal Tax Process

March and April

We do personal taxes (T1) throughout the year, but March & April is when we complete most personal tax returns for the prior year because the payment deadline is April 30.

Personal Tax Checklist

Each year we require you to complete the Personal Tax Checklist 'PTC' (Digital or PhysicalFinal [for year of death]) to ensure we have all of your information & to prompt you to provide us with every available tax credit and deduction so that we can ensure you save tax! 

Client Support

Once you’ve completed the PTC, please use it to compile 100% of your documents (digitally or in person) and then send us a copy of the PTC and all of your tax documents so that we can start preparing your tax return and saving you money!

We Do Your Taxes!

Now that we have 100% of your tax information, we will complete your taxes as quickly as possible (usually within 1 week).

Final Sign Off & Payment

We will return your tax documents and tax return to you (either digitally or on paper), obtain your payment and authorization to file, and then file your taxes at the end of the week they are completed.

 Refund or Tax Bill

If you have a refund, you will have it within 2 weeks of CRA assessing your taxes. If you owe tax, you will need to make payment by April 30 to avoid interest.

Whenever You Have Questions

Questions related to your tax filing at the time of filing are included in your filing fees. Other questions/consultations throughout the year are welcomed anytime (our consulting rate of $450/hr applies).

Click below to complete the Annual Personal Tax Checklist. We require our clients to complete it each year to ensure we have your correct contact, income, deduction, and tax credit information and to ensure we help you save as much tax as possible!

Ready to get started?

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